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Posted by billcolemaninnocentmanwrongfullyconvicted on November 14, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Recently many outside of my family and friends have asked how i am.  There seems to be 4 parts to this:

1.  Physically/medical health i have been doing a lot better except about 3 weeks ago i was found by my sister passed out on the bathroom floor.  I was taken to the emergency room and given a vast amount of morphine for the pain in my abdomen. I have to relate to a relapse to what was done to my body.

2.  My mental health is my deepest concern including the many losses, betrayal, and treatment i received, etc... . I have been in therapy but there is problems with the NHS on this.

4.  My financial status remains very poor and if it were not for the help of my family and friends i would have already gone under (God Bless them all)

5.  My legal endevors are still ongoing and making progress albeit at a slower rate than i would hope. Unfortunately money is the main stumbling block in moving things forward but i spend every day in working on all aspects of my situation.

For all of you who have enquired please accept my grateful appreciation for your concern.  All i ask is you spred my story to as many people and contacts as possible you deem approprite (maybe some one will see it who can help) - in the hope that one day my case will help everyone (vicims of PAS, children, falsely accused, wrongfully convicted, etc ...).

Thanks again,

Best Wishes, Bill.

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