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Posted by billcolemaninnocentmanwrongfullyconvicted on January 30, 2013 at 11:50 AM

I have now completed every second of my wrongful conviction sentence. Yet I remain in prison. I have refused all early release options, including as long ago as just after my "wrongful conviction".

Judge Frank Iannatti (pre-trial judge) had signed my arrest warrant. After I had spent several months in prison he was told the allegations my now ex-wife made against me came just four days after I had filed for sole-custody of our children. He then felt there were "questions with her credibility" and reduced my bond. I already had residential custody after my now ex-wife abduction of the children (two years earlier) before I got them back. She doesn't like the United States or Americans.

At the family trial, Sylvia Richard (family court counselor) and Judge Lynda Munro in their final report/Memorandum of Decision respectfully deemed my now ex-wife (in "legaleeze") as NOT credible. Everything she used to get me arrested was proven false at the family trial(including unpunished perjury). I had moved back into the family home three months earlier, not that weekend; her car had broken down coming back from her affair (with Michael Barrett) in Springfield Massachusetts, and was un-operable all week (as proven by subpoenaed car-part receipts) and not that I had not allowed her to use her car; that she attend work on the Monday of that week (see her timecard in court evidence) and not that she was not allowed to go to work; my now ex-wife's sexual relationship with other women(including two coworkers Stacy Keyes and Heather Shaw/Reinhard)in regard to my alibi showing my now ex-wife story was fabricated, proven by the DNA on my shorts from the night before my arrest; my now ex-wife kept changing the day the crime was supposed to have happened numerous times - the last representation being Thursday night into Friday morning at 1am (the day of my arrest), yet I was convicted of the crime happening on Thursday morning at 1am (24 hours earlier); that my now ex-wife called her divorce attorney and the police on the Tuesday and/or Wednesday "before" the day of the crime was supposed to have taken place (how is that possible?); my passed polygraph (lie detector test) and psych. & sexual testing (the doctor of whom was featured by Diane Sawyer on ABC's Primetime Live news show);diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction;and a lot more, evidenced in the family court trial transcripts.

All of this (including the family court transcripts) was known and read by then head prosecutor John Connelly and senior assistant prosecutor Cynthia Serafini (stated on the record- unbelievable). However, almost a year later they played Russian Roulette with my life and took me to trial. It is well known in legal circles (and beyond) that the Waterbury prosecutors office is the most corrupt in the state (there are not many, if any, that are not corrupt- see: State v. Colton 234 at 691/fn 11). Before his death John Connelly was under an FBI investigation and subjected to being indicted by a Grand Jury. The FBI failed to act choosing to await his death instead for the case to go away. Everyone has said that this heinous and despicable human-being went to his grave without any "worldly" accountability or consequences.

Obviously, prosecutor Serafini continues her inappropriate practice as all her recently produced filings in my case demonstrates. At my trial she stated, on the record, that she refuses to speak to Sylvia Richard (an appointed officer/ward of the court investigator), who spent 15 months on the case (normally 3 months).During the family trial Sylvia Richard stated "the reason my investigation took so long is because each time I spoke to her (my now ex-wife) she said something different".At the end of her investigation Sylvia Richard told me that my now ex-wife "presents well but is an accomplished liar". Sylvia Richard also said that my now ex-wife's ability to lie had manifested with her employers (Barker Specialty, Cheshire, Connecticut) who were financially supporting her in full knowledge of her illegal immigration status. My now ex­ wife told me on many occasions that she knew how to "handle" the Barkers and use tears as well as words (one of many red flags that I failed to see)to manipulate, them as she continues too.

One of my criminal trial lawyers, Michael Gannon, is now disbarred but, inexplicably, at my habeas trial for "ineffective assistance of counsel" Judge John Nazzaro found him to be effective (which defies logic from the evidence). Another of my trial attorneys, Ralph Crozier, spent a year in prison after my trial on other matters. They were both closely "connected" to prosecutor Connelly resulting in me being "railroaded" and "sold-out" for another case. I sincerely hope I am sued (on this or anything else I claim) so I have the opportunity to prove it in a court of law. I was conned into not putting on a “defense” in my case.

As an example, in chambers during pre-trial Judge Iannatti said he was going to remove the "protective order". This would effectively “end” the case. The prosecution could not argue against it so my attorney (Gannon) came up with a "bogus" reason to continue it (you cannot make this stuff up!). Judge Ianatti it seems was not strong enough to dismiss the case himself. There is much more evidence of my innocence in all aspects of my case. Further­more, from what I have been told and seen in other cases, and also from my own personal experience, it is prosecutors, not judges, that rule all criminal cases and the court room. Hence, powerless or complicit, judges provide little, if any, protection.

At my criminal trial Judge William Cremmins dismissed the charges my now ex-wife had used to get the police to arrest me – that of hostage/trespassing. My now ex-wife admitted in the criminal trial she had stayed out all night with her affair, which was contrary to her police statement and under-oath family trial testimony. That being the case (she was out all night) who was at home with the children (ages 4 and 6 at the time)? In other words she was out of the house (NOT a hostage), and she knew i was at home with the ( who was if i wasn`t? - hence, NOT trespassing).

What is unconscionable and void of all intellect is that Judge Cremmins ONLY dismissed those charges and not the entire case. If those charges were the ones she used to get me initially arrested, the "glue" so to speak, how does the rest of her story stick together? A 5th grader could have worked it out yet those en-trusted with seeking "justice" were incapable of doing so. Her later charges came from her initial charges. Like Judges Nazzaro, Iannatti and Munro, as well as Judge Lloyd Cutsumpas and Judge Robert Resha (pre-trial family judges and Judge James Graham and Judge Patty Pittman); Judge Cremmins failed me, justice, and, most especially, my two children. My children's lives are eternally changed with NO memory of a father in their minds forever. The only thing more repulsive than the "inactions" of these judges is their complicity and commitment to a broken and corrupt system, of which they are all fully aware.

Then came the Connecticut Department of Corrections (CTDOC). Because of my sustained hunger strike since 2007, and under orders from Dr. Susan Ducate (then CTDOC head of Psych.) I was physically tortured and humiliated. The psychological impact was enormous and may get worse in the future. Dr. Ducate was assisted by Dr. Edward Blanchett (head of CTDOC medical), Commissioner Brian Murphy (retired), Warden Peter Murphy, Warden Scott Erphy, et al. I was placed in a suicide cell (even though I was not suicidal) in a ferguson gown (basically naked); restrained for up to 16 hours at a time (even though I was compliant); with no hygiene (shower, toothbrush, etc...) for days and weeks at a time; 24 hours a day of artificial lights resulting in severe migraines (I was subsequently diagnosed with a brain aneurysm); impeded legal access (including incoming and outgoing mail and phone calls, visits, personal legal work, research materials and access, etc...); no human contact; although suicide cells are "single" cells they placed actual suicide inmates in with me - one sexually assaulted me and the other

gave me MRSA. Subsequently I've been included in a United Nations investigation with 324 other inmates all of whom are located in Guantanamo Bay. The State of Connecticut and the CTDOC was found in violation of my human rights by torture. To their credit, although it did not result in actual help, many CTDOC employees were extremely "upset" with my treatment.

I endured all of this from the judicial system and the CTDOC because of the false allegations made by my now ex-wife to gain custody of our children. Again, all proven at the family trial almost a year prior to my criminal trial. For all this you (the reader) may be asking what about my appeals? The Connecticut Appellate and Supreme Courts have denied all my appeals of every type (family, civil and criminal). Therefore, they have also failed me, justice and my children. For this they should be condemned along with their Superior Court subordinate brethren. The same Appellate and Supreme Court Justices are still presiding on the bench today.

The Federal Courts have acted no differently and deserve similar condemnation. Meanwhile, again the taxpayers have picked up the cost of my continued injustice.

This alone should convince the citizens who are the most ardent believers in the judicial system that there are serious questions to be asked about "justice" within it. At best its only surface deep. In other words justice skates on thin ice, which cannot sustain the weight of an innocent person. Your arrest is your conviction, make no mistake.

On December 18th, 2012 I was taken to Enfield Superior Court and ambushed with a warrant alleging I had refused to sign the registry. Now the Connecticut taxpayers will pay out even more money again for my "injustice", already, by some accounts, in the millions of dollars. If a $50,000 a year police officer (Mauriello) or detective (Ms. Ortiz) from the Waterbury PD had simply done their jobs and investigated the charges against me (both admitted in two trials NO investigation was ever conducted in my case) I would have received "justice" and the Connecticut taxpayers would have saved a small fortune. I have never once been asked a question, given a statement, interviewed or questioned by police or prosecutors, or spoke in court in my criminal case. My voice has never been heard in the criminal "theatre".

Justice maybe the wording and intent of the law but in reality its nothing more than "smoke and mirrors" rhetoric. The status quo is kept the way it is seemingly because to many people make so much money from it. Like many genre's in the United States (Vietnam; 9 - 11; Katrina and Sandy disasters; Newtown massacre; etc…) the prevailing attitude is "acceptable collateral damage". The two other types of people apparently allowing this to happen are those who appear to lack intellect/education (at least on the subject matter), and those who are in denial. Citizens of Connecticut and the United States have no clue how bad things are until it happens to them - they have no clue what lies and waits for them just below the surface.

My case, I respectfully offer, is the tip of the biggest iceberg anyone has seen, an "elephant in the room that no-one talks about”. It clearly shows the systemic problem that has infected the United States across all subjects since shortly after the Founding Fathers. Even they knew they had a "couple" of problems, but what exists today they could not possibly have wanted or foreseen.What's happened to me and my children has happened to others before, its happening now, and it will happen again in the future. Again, you (the reader) should know that no­ matter who you are it could, and most likely will, happen to you or someone you love. For female readers it could be your son, grandson, brother, nephew, uncle etc…

The United States is certainly not the greatest country in the world, again respectfully offered, despite its self-proclamations as such ad nauseam. There is no-doubt the United States could be amongst the greatest countries on the planet but that wont happen until its citizens take back their country from its government which has long since departed from actually acting with ethical and moral values. The United States will never be conquered but, without the afore mentioned re-taking by citizens, will implode. Of that there is no doubt. The way things are, and continuing to head, it is not sustainable.

A drop in the middle of the ocean has an impact on a shoreline somewhere.Either as a gentle cleansing small ripple (positive),or as a part of a powerful and destructive tsunami wave (negative). Tips of the "iceberg" and "drops in the ocean" matter. If its something positive you do, or something negative you allow happen,it matters. I do not have to convince you of this, but you(or future Americans) will experience it. Being ignorant or in denial will not help you or change this certainty.

Throughout this statement I want to leave no-doubt that I have blame and ownership for my part in the demise of my marriage including, but not limited to, my eventual bad attitude at the time of my now ex-wife's father’s death (the catalyst for all that subsequently happened).I have repeatedly apologized to my now ex-wife, including in court proceedings, as I do again now - I'm deeply and sincerely sorry.

Finally, I wish nothing but the very best for the citizens of the United States and a return to the values of the "Founding Fathers" and their Constitution. For now I, like many others in this country, need your help - as do my children.

Thank you.

Bill Coleman.

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5:35 PM on February 11, 2013 
I discredit all of this.
Let this be known, I am Aidan, and i act ALONE. Several members of my astute family have warned me against posting, because they believe William Brian Coleman SR
5:39 PM on February 11, 2013 
Is manipulative. I do to. I am however immune to your ilk, and ill be waiting for you in hell. You are a pitiful mess, You cant not weaponize my brother and i against my mother. You no nothing of being a parent, because i do have memories of you. And they are horrible.
Reply billcolemaninnocentmanwrongfullyconvicted
8:02 AM on February 12, 2013 
Aidan MARTIN PARLE says...
I discredit all of this.
Let this be known, I am Aidan, and i act ALONE. Several members of my astute family have warned me against posting, because they believe William Brian Coleman SR


We can never be sure who writes the comments however we are a little suprised you have used two different email adresses to do so. However the message here is not about you or your brother but about the corrupt system and the lies. There is conclusive evidence to prove that Bill is innocent and we are trying to get the courts to hear it. If this happens then wait and see what developes.
However just in the few sentences you have written, we all have doubts to who you really are but our advice is the same, be a man and visit him or contact him directly. What are you affraid of.
By the way, hell may be an eternity, but you will need it, as you will never see Bill there if thats what indeed you are waiting for!
Reply Marisa R.
4:24 PM on February 8, 2014 
Bill, I believe you. I have seen a lot of bad choices in our government and I have seen a degradation in justice, and power abusing run amuk. There are too many apathetic people out there not paying attention. But you are right. Because these abuses are not being addressed and those abusing powers are allowed to continue to do so without accountability, it is just a matter of time before injustices will affect them too, or someone they love or care about. I am sorry that you have been abused by your ex-wife and this system. I hope that laws are changed so that parents that falsely accuse the other parent just to gain an edge in custody battles get the criminal sentence they deserve. I hope she serves 3-fold what you did. Lying about a co-parent deserves harsh consequences to fit the crime of trying to destroy another person's life. She should do time.
Reply derek
2:20 AM on September 7, 2015 
I feel for you. Bill ... being falsely imprisoned and separated from your kids is horrible. It happened to me in nj and luckily the bogus criminal case was dismissed... but I lost custody of my kids and it haunts me. I believe your innocence because guilty people don't act like you did when incarcerated
Reply billcolemaninnocentmanwrongfullyconvicted
12:33 PM on September 7, 2015 
derek says...
I feel for you. Bill ... being falsely imprisoned and separated from your kids is horrible. It happened to me in nj and luckily the bogus criminal case was dismissed... but I lost custody of my kids and it haunts me. I believe your innocence because guilty people don't act like you did when incarcerated

hi derek ... thanks for your post ... sorry to hear about your pain also ... i hope to post on this site in the future but for now you can find me on my political activist sites facebook ( and twitter ( ... kind regards and best wishes, bill