Bill Coleman Innocent Man Wrongfully Convicted

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18TH APRIL 2013


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Bill Coleman Has Been Repeatedly Force Fed, a Practice Internationally Recognized as

Torture and Condemned by Multiple Human Rights Organizations

ENFIELD, CT -­ APRIL 17, 2013 -­ Bill Coleman, a 52 year old UK native, has not eaten

solid food for six years to protest his conviction in 2005 for what he claimed was a

fabricated rape charge by his ex-­wife during their divorce and custody battle over their two

sons. He has lost half of his body weight. He has lost four teeth. He has been repeatedly

force fed, an incredibly painful practice that is internationally recognized as torture and

condemned by the American Medical Association, the World Medical Association and the

American Civil Liberties Union and yet, it continues. But Bill has never wavered in his claim

of innocence and vows to continue his hunger strike in order to bring attention to what he

claims is a gross miscarriage of justice.

In September 2007, Bill stopped eating and in 2008, he stopped drinking. That is when the

Connecticut Department of Corrections obtained permanent authority to force feed him. Bill

appealed to the Supreme Court but in March 2012, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled

that Bill could continue to be force fed stating, “We must determine whether the

commissioner’s interests outweigh the incarcerated defendant’s common-­law right to

refuse nutrition and liquids without interference.”

Bill believes corruption in the Connecticut judicial system led to his conviction and court

records show many egregious procedural irregularities and other questionable practices

during Bill’s trial.

Always maintaining his innocence, Bill served his entire eight year prison sentence and

was due for release last December but he refuses to register as a sex offender. He will not

admit to a crime he did not commit.

Bill is due in court on Thursday, April 25, at 10am in Enfield CT to answer as to why he will

not register as a sex offender.

If you would like more information about Bill’s situation, please email us at We can put you in touch with his ACLU and family

representatives for more background and details.








16TH September 2008 

On the 1ST July 2008 we released a statement informing you on the plight of William Coleman, an innocent man wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit. Since September 16th 2007 he has stopped taking solid food and has maintained his hunger protest despite losing vast weight and falling ill on occasions.

The sole reason for his protest is to protect his children and highlight to others what damage is done.

He has now decided, from the 16th September 2008 to stop taking all fluid and escalate his protest. This is a decision that has not come with difficulty as his family and supporters over the past 4 years have deterred him in any way possible to prevent this from happening. However, we are unable to convince him to stop and his decision is made.

We would all urge you to help us in any way, as time will soon run out if we are unable to help him. Bill has expressed in no uncertain terms that he does not want to be force fed for which the DOC have applied and succeeded in getting a court order to just do that. The executer of his Will and his right to attorney, a family member, has also expressed in no uncertain terms that force feeding does not happen.

The help Bill need is legal and if the case was reopened to investigate the circumstances surrounding his case, he would stop his protest. There for we urge as many as possible to help us help and innocent man before it is too late.

We feel that time is running out, help now.

Thank you for your time,

From Bill’s Family, friends and supports